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Wedding Photography

By Daniel K Cheung

Sydney Wedding Photography

Pricing: From $3,799 (inclusive GST)

One of the biggest benefits to living in Sydney is the multicultural community that we are blessed with. In my 7+ years of photographing wedding celebrations, couples of Vietnamese, Cambodian, Afghan, Lebanese, Nepalese, Chinese, and Hindu heritage have asked me to be their wedding photographer. Second to the food, I LOVE photographing modern couples who choose to pay respect to their cultural traditions.

From my experience, cultural weddings are very different to the stock standard ‘Western’ wedding in both parental expectations, logistics, and duration. For many modern couples, their wedding festivities may spread across separate days (in particular, Hindu and Cambodian couples). I am in for the long haul!

For your convenience I am experienced in the following cultural weddings:

Wedding Photo Taken Inside of Wedding Car
Bride & Groom Pose in Front of Ford Mustang
Photo of Bride & Groom Kissing Taken Through The Windshield
Photo of Bride & Groom Having Fun

I Am Sydney’s Leading Tea Ceremony Photographer

Practised at weddings where there is Chinese ancestry, the wedding tea ceremony is one of the most important events for the older generation. Usually challenging to photograph due to limited space, time, and lighting constraints, you won’t have to worry about these things as I am Sydney’s best tea ceremony photographer.

As a result, you will result a documentary account of your tea ceremony in addition to any group photos that may take place afterwards.

I Am A Photographer Of Muslim Weddings

After photographing my first Muslim wedding many years ago, I have fallen in love with a people who openly dance together all day and all night long. There is beauty in seeing men dance with men, without fear and without judgement (and without alcohol!).

I Am Well Versed In Hindu Wedding Ceremonies

At the mention of an Indian or Sri Lankan wedding celebration, my immediate though dashes to spices, coconuts, colourful saris, and curry for lunch/dinner. More importantly, I understand the expectation of group photos (even if you don’t know most of the people you’re standing with for 2+ hours). With me, you’re in great hands.

Cambodian Wedding Rituals

Often spanning 6+ hours, my legs will be cramping along with yours!

When I meet with marrying couples of Cambodian heritage, I always recommend that you hold the cultural rituals on a separate day from the civil ceremony. Cambodian wedding rituals can easily take up an entire day and trying to fit in a civil ceremony plus a dinner reception into the same 24-hours will drive you bonkers!

Want Epic Wedding Photos?

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I Would Love To Preserve Your Wedding Memories

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I ADORE cultural weddings. They are long days but so much FUN! If you like what you see, please use the enquiry form below and check for my availability. I can’t wait to meet you!

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