Who is Daniel K Cheung?

Daniel K Cheung is a digital marketing professional living and working in Sydney, Australia. He specialises in digital transformation by integrating search engine optimisation with schema markup and resolving technical SEO issues.

Daniel was born in Hong Kong and moved to Australia when he was 4 years old.

Daniel K Cheung works for Adobe where he holds the job title of Senior SEO Manager, overseeing organic growth for Experience Cloud across APAC and Japan.

He has been employed by Adobe since April 2023.

Daniel is a search engine optimisation professional.

He has a special interest in structured data markup and technical SEO.

As an independent digital transformation consultant, Daniel will run audits to identify critical issues so that he can recommend the best course of action. He also develops custom schema markup strategies for his clients.

As Senior SEO Manager at Adobe, Daniel oversees countries in Asia Pacific and Japan. This includes Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, India, and more. His role as Senior SEO Manager means he works with regional, international, and headquarter stakeholders on any given day.

Outside of work, Daniel K Cheung produces a YouTube Channel called Scheming Schemas.

In the past, he produced a podcast series called Dreading Sundays and Make SEO Simple Again.

Daniel began his professional SEO career in November 2018 starting at a Sydney-based SEO agency in Surry Hills. At the agency, Daniel gained experience with on-page, off-page and technical SEO before becoming Team Leader across his 3.5 year tenure.

In July 2022, Daniel moved to his first in-house enterprise SEO role at Optus Smart Spaces. For 9 months, he resolved technical SEO issues by working closely with other stakeholders and piloted how schema markup can reduce time to indexing for heavy JS front-ends using Adobe Experience Manager and React.

In April 2023, Daniel moved to his second in-house enterprise role at Adobe, overseeing SEO for Adobe Experience Cloud across JAPAC.

Daniel K Cheung has been a guest on a number of SEO-related podcasts, including:

Daniel K Cheung has also produced his own podcasts:

  1. Dreading Sundays
  2. Make SEO Simple Again

Daniel K Cheung graduated from both the University of Sydney and the University of Technology, Sydney.

At the University of Sydney, Daniel originally studied Speech Pathology but transferred his credits and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science in 2008.

At the University of Technology Sydney, Daniel almost completed a MBA with a major in Finance. However, he ended up graduating with a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in 2012.

Daniel K Cheung lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Yes, Daniel K Cheung has 2 YouTube channels. The first is called Scheming Schemas and it is dedicated to sharing how anyone can implement semantic SEO using JSON-LD.

His second YouTube channel is named after himself – Daniel K Cheung where the content is mainly about digital marketing and SEO.