I have had the privilege of working in-house, agency-side, and as a freelance SEO consultant. Here are some of them.

Bob’s Watches | SME

About Bob’s Watches: Bob’s Watches is a US-based reseller of used Rolex watches.

Engagement period: March 2022

My involvement: After seeing my LinkedIn posts on schema markup, the CMO of Bob’s Watches reached out to help them diagnose why their head term keywords were losing positions.I went through their Google Analytics and Search Console data and identified when traffic loss began, why rankings dropped, and detailed the necessary steps to recovery.

How this experience will benefit YOU:

  • Receive actionable recommendations instead of an automated data dump from an SEO tool.
  • Get someone who knows how to dig into and interpret data to find critical issues.

Optus Smart Spaces | Enterprise

About Optus Smart Spaces: Optus had launched a new product outside of telecommunications called Smart Spaces. This was its first foray into ecommerce, selling consumer products in the smart home and home automation space.

Screenshot of Optus Smart Spaces homepage.

Engagement period: July 2022 – March 2023

My involvement: This was my first in-house role since leaving Prosperity Media. As the SEO Manager in an AGILE environment, I brought my experience and expertise to a multi-disciplinary team to maximise the organic channel.

Solutions I provided: Working closely with Producers, Developers and other stakeholders, I was able to:

  • Remove site-wide disallow found in robots.txt file
  • Offer Googlebot a clean and trustworthy sitemap.xml file
  • Get buy-in to hire an AEM developer to implement canonicals
  • Get buy-in to create static URLs for brand and device category PLPs
  • Add <h1> to PDP, PLP, and content page templates
  • Convince developer to add a raw JSON-LD field in the backend so that I could publish schema markup
  • Decouple page title from breadcrumb text and backend menu label so that we could have keyword-optimised title tags
  • Get buy-in to implement 301 redirects from parameterised URLs to new static ones
  • Get buy-in to create a ‘blog’ section
  • Convince developers to replace <button> with <a> tags.
  • Overturn a decision to block all IP addresses from outside of AU.
  • Add URI to each PDP so that I could connect FAQPage and WebPage schema with the dynamically generated Product schema
  • Research, author, and publish 5x long-form information-rich articles to develop the subdomain’s topical relevance

Results: In 9 months, I resolved the majority of critical technical debt which allowed us to achieve:

  • > 95% indexing rate (previous at 5%)
  • 15 PDPs ranking on page 1 for their exact product names
  • Consistent month on month organic traffic growth

How this experience will benefit YOU:

  • Get the budget you need – I can forecast organic demand based on your SEO activities (incremental and BAU).
  • Receive actionable recommendations, given to the right people, based on your business objectives – I understand that even the most simple of changes to a website for a large organisation takes considerable time and that any update to the frontend and backend involves multiple people.

Sitchu | Publisher

About Sitchu: Sitchu is an Australian online publisher focusing on lifestyle topics such as eat, drink and property.

Engagement period: September – October 2022

My involvement: I was brought on to develop a strategy to grow organic users to 500K per month. The client believed their organic traffic was stagnating but my analysis revealed that they were actually losing traffic due to a past site migration. However, because they were publishing new and timely content, organic traffic appeared to be stagnant.

Solutions I provided:

  • I identified when organic traffic loss started and pinpointed it to the same time when the front-end changed to a new JS library and new URL structure.
  • I provided evidence that their homepage had no hyperlinks that search engines could crawl (because JS).
  • I developed a turnaround strategy with recommended actions, their potential uplift, and the estimated time it would take to get them back on track to reach 500K users per month.
  • I created a series of dashboards to aggregate multiple data sources (Semrush, GA, GSC) and to help their writers identify content gaps.

Camplify | Marketplace, Public

About Camplify: Camplify is marketplace where owners of caravans and RVs can be matched with travellers.

Engagement period: May 2021

My involvement:

  • In the weeks before going public, Camplify experienced significant traffic loss due to an increasing number of URLs being de-indexed.
  • I was engaged to perform a full technical audit to identify why this was happening.
  • Within 24-hours, I found the reason why thousands of URLs were being de-indexed and communicated this to the client.
  • I provided screenshots from mobile-friendly test and Google Search Console to validate my findings. That is, Google was unable to render its JS frontend – even though it had no problems before.

How this experience will benefit YOU:

  • You can confidently hire me to quickly and efficiently diagnose complex issues.

Emerald Bridal | SME

About Emerald Bridal: Emerald Bridal is a brick and mortar bridal store located in Ryde, Sydney.

Engagement period: October 2019 – present

My involvement: I have worked on Emerald Bridal’s organic growth since the beginning of my SEO career. Being a small business, I have provided full range of digital marketing advice, photography and SEO implementation. The client’s goal was to sell at least 3 gowns per week.

Solutions I provided:

  • I migrated the website from BigCommerce to WordPress + WooCommerce.
  • Identified favourable searched keywords and paired them with static landing pages (e.g., wedding dress sydney, a-line wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses, trumpet wedding dresses, ballgown wedding dresses).
  • Then I created static keyword-optimised landing pages, used Clearscope and SurferSEO to craft the best content for the target keywords, and built links to these money pages.
  • Redesigned the website and built a mega-navigation menu.

Results: Over the years, Emerald Bridal has ranked for and maintained positions for head terms and category-level keywords. Specifically, for the business, my efforts have lead to:

  • An average of 3 online appointment enquiries per day and numerous phone calls.
  • An average of 6 gown sales per week.
  • Significant brand awareness evidenced by increased search volume of its brand name.

How this experience will benefit YOU:

  • Get someone who understands what it means to operate a small business.
  • Hire someone who will never stop trying, testing, measuring, and refining the tactics behind the SEO strategy.

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