After writing 40x 300-word articles per day, Billie got burned out from being a content writer. This spurred her to pursue an SEO track within the agency and she shares what this transition looked and felt like.

At the time of recording, Billie was the Learning & Development Manager at The SALT Agency. Prior to this she was a SEO Manager and before this, she was a project manager and before this, Billie was an obituary writer.

These days, Billie runs her own consultancy called Uptake Agency.

In this episode of Dreading Sundays, we dive into SEO career progression (agency-side) and what different job titles mean and how you can carve out your area of specialism as an individual contributor if you’re not necessarily someone who wants to take on a leadership and mentoring role.

More importantly, she offers a piece of advice for job candidates towards the end of the episode that I’m sure you will find helpful.

This is what Billie has to share.

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