Not to be confused with Hong Kong action movie star Jacky Chan or Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, Jacky Chou is a first generation Canadian-Taiwanese.

To set the stage, Jacky earns more per month than I do in an entire year.

If I had to use one word to describe what Jacky does, it would be ‘entrepreneur’ and in this episode of Dreading Sundays, Jacky describes his various revenue streams – some generated through his knowledge and execution of SEO.

Interesting things about Jacky.

  • owns an SEO agency called Indexsy (team of 12) but is not his primary source of income
  • studied electrical engineering (he absolutely hated it)
  • moved from Vancouver to Berlin
  • is a hustler when it comes to work ethic
  • breaks down his monthly earnings on Twitter, including:
    • Binance affiliate income
    • rental income from investment property
    • selling of digital assets
    • agency revenue
    • lead generation businesses

Agency work really takes years off your life.

Running and operating an agency is tough and Jacky admits that agency work sucks.

Him and his business partners have since scaled back on acquiring new clients and instead focus on applying their SEO knowledge into digital assets such as ecommerce brands and niche websites.

It takes a while to build a website from scratch so it is much easier to buy.

Jacky had been selling and executing SEO strategies and tactics for clients in his business Indexsy.

At some point in time he decided that he could apply the very same things that he for client for his own websites. Rolling all his profit from Indexsy into buying and updating niche websites, Jacky now sells the sites to private equity firms.

Jacky had a lot to prove.

Jacky comes from a conservative and very strict upbringing.

Both his parents are successful entrepreneurs that allowed them to retire very early in their careers.

When Jacky told his parents he was quitting his job and going all-in on Indexsy, his parents didn’t understand even though they were entrepreneurs themselves. So early on, he came up with a figure that would become his goal post.

He wanted to achieve a net worth of $4.2m (CAD), and he has achieved this.

During COVID, Jacky pulled 18-hour days building his income streams for 2 years straight. It lead to health problems but his desire to want to prove himself drove him to where he is today.

The secret to SEO is to test things out for yourself.

A recent term I came across was coined by Dawn Anderson where she describes the work of search engine optimisation professionals as “guesseo”.

This ties in well with what Jacky has to say about SEOs debating and arguing over concepts. Whether it is subfolders vs subdomains, the effectiveness of PBNs, onpage, offpage – Jacky encourages you to test your own theories instead of blindly believing what others say.

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