Post-publishing checklist: Give your content the boost it deserves

Key takeaways:

  • Researching and publishing helpful content on your website is not enough – there are proactive steps you can take to ensure your content gets crawled, indexed and ranking in the SERPs quicker.
  • Add internal links from existing pages to the new and get instant visitors to your content by collaborating with social and SEM channel owners.
  • Check how your content is being treated by Google and Bing and update the content accordingly to reflect search intent of your target audience.
  • And, of course, schema!

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What is this post-publishing checklist for?

Most SEO resources focus on content ideation and creation.

This checklist is about the steps you should take once the content has been researched, has been written, has been edited, has been reviewed, and is now live on the website.

Hence, post-publishing.

That is, everything you should consider once the page and its content is now published.

The checklist covers the following considerations:

  • Can the page be indexed by search engines?
  • Does the page’s HTML formatting match the instructions provided (based on best practice)?
  • Does the OG image, title and description display properly?
  • Have internal links to the new URL been added to existing pages?
  • Is important content on the page being rendered?
  • Is schema markup present? And if so, has it been done properly?
  • Has the page been circulated with internal and external stakeholders?
  • Is the page indexed?
  • Has anyone reviewed the performance of the content and made appropriate updates and changes?

Essentially, consider this checklist as a standard operating procedure (SOP) to make sure your helpful content is indexed as quick as possible and gets engagement from other marketing channels.

Who is this checklist for?

The post-publishing checklist is designed for:

  • Website owners (affiliate, niche, small business)
  • Agency owners to share with their team
  • SEO Manager (in-house, agency) with access to GSC
  • SEO specialists (in-house, agency) with access to GSC
  • SEO freelancers with access to client GSC profiles
  • Content writers (in-house, agency, freelancer) with access to GSC

Download the checklist

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