I offer short-term engagements

I’m not interested in yearly contracts and monthly retainers.

I charge by day rate ($2,900 per day) where the typical engagement is 2-5 day’s worth of consulting.

Get in touch, learn more about my experience, or scroll down to discover what I do and how I’ll deliver it to you.

Clients engage me to

  • Diagnose root problem(s)
  • Offer the best course of action
  • Provide approximate timeline for recommended recovery and expected uplift
  • Develop end-to-end schema solutions
  • Oversee third-party vendors to carry out the recommendations
  • Provide virtual and/or in-person training for in-house teams, and
  • Do it all in a timely manner.

Services I provide

  • SEO forecasting: Need to ask for budget? I can build out a model to help you get the resources you need to achieve organic growth.
  • Technical SEO and traffic deep dive: Is your website experiencing ‘indexing issues’? Have you noticed your traffic has been declining MoM? Identifying the underlying issue is my speciality.
  • Topic cluster development: In other words, build out a topical map so that you can rank for head term keywords and turn visits into conversions.
  • Structured data markup consulting: Schema is often overlooked but it is quite literally optimisation for search engines. I can develop an end-to-end solution for your developers to scale out.
  • Agency oversight: As an advisor, I can oversee your agency vendor(s) to ensure that you’re getting the best out of them.
  • Dashboard creation: Get always-on access to metrics that matter.

Clients hire me for the following scenarios

  • Understand why organic traffic, or keyword rankings, or conversions have slowed down.
  • Provide an organic demand forecast for the upcoming year(s).
  • Up-skill existing team members in various areas of SEO, including topical authority, data analysis, link building, technical SEO, and semantic SEO.
  • Build time-saving dashboards.

Examples of what I have delivered to past clients

As you will see in the following videos, I don’t do exports from SEO tools.

Instead, I tailor the delivery of my message based on:

  • The stakeholder
  • Their goals
  • What the success metric is

This ensures that what you get is exactly what you need.

For example, in the following video, the client came to me with a goal of getting 500,000 sessions in one month. However, their traffic had been stagnating for months. My task was to help develop a data-driven strategy to help them achieve their goal.

In the following video, I delivered the exact recommendations the client (from above) would need to follow, in the order they should execute them, they why, and when results of these actions would be expected (and their quantities).

As part of the original analysis, I included a bunch of findings in the Appendix and in the following video, I explain the significance of these findings.

In the following example, the client wanted to know why their head term keywords had lost significant positions. After diving into GSC and GA, it became evident there were a number of reasons why their traffic had declined and the focus of the engagement was to present them with a turnaround SEO strategy.

Want to see more SEO case studies? See ‘Real case studies of how I have solved the complex’ to learn more.

Ways of working

  1. Book a 15-min discovery call.
  2. I’ll listen, after which, I’ll provide you with an estimated quote based on our conversation.
  3. A scope of work will be sent to you for approval.
  4. An initial 50 per cent deposit is paid before any work commences.
  5. I’ll ask for access to any first-data accounts you may have and book in a more detailed discovery call with relevant stakeholders.
  6. Then, I’ll begin my analysis after understanding what each stakeholder wants to achieve.
  7. Once my analysis is complete, I’ll tailor bespoke recommendations that will address the underlying issue(s). This will be delivered in slide deck format, along with a screen recording narrating both my findings and recommendations.
  8. An invoice for remaining balance will be sent to you as part of the final deliverable.
  9. We can schedule a call to discuss the recommendations if there are any remaining questions or concerns.
  10. If required, I can source independent freelancers or agencies to carry out the required work. But this is a separate service and fee.

If this sounds like a good fit, get in touch with me below.

Further information

Most SEO professionals like to lock you in for at least a year.

I don’t.

This is because I don’t execute SEO activities.

Instead, within a very short period of time (read days, weeks at most), I identify what went wrong, why it went wrong, and when it happened so that I can formulate a bespoke recovery SEO strategy for you.

I have zero intention of keeping you on as a long-term client.

I enjoy solving complex problems and this is why I offer a very unique set of skills.

A consultant is someone who solves the problem in the least amount of time.

Understanding and providing the most important recommendations is the ultimate goal of a consultant.

A freelancer, on the other hand, executes the tasks.

They may have the skill set to identify core issues and prioritise them, but more often than not, freelancers lack a certain expertise when it comes to strategic communication.

But all this is semantics.

Yes. I understand my day rate of $2,900 may be cost-prohibitive for some of you.

I’m really good at what I do.

I get things done quickly.

And that’s why I charge what I charge.

This has not happened yet but given SEO is a very wide, very deep, and JS frameworks are constantly evolving, I’m sure I’ll come across a complex situation that I cannot solve.

In such situations, I’ll inform you and issue a full refund.

And I’ll reach out to my network to see if someone else is a better fit.

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