About Me

It took no more than 4-days for a secondhand mobile phone to arrive in Sydney from Hong Kong. This was 2011, I was in the second last year of my high school. I was very much a teenager. Using Yahoo Auctions (Hong Kong), I would trawl the listings for the latest mobile phones being sold on the secondary market. I had a very primitive comprehension of the writing Chinese language but that did not stop me from contacting overseas buyers and paying them using PayPal or international wire transfer. I would make a listing on eBay Australia for the mobile phone (e.g., Samsung T500 was all the rage). By the time my parcel had arrived from Hong Kong, the listing would have just ended and for my gamble, a good $100-200 profit. When I look back at that time, it was a huge risk; a crazy gamble. But perhaps back then, times were different and people were less cunning.

As a child I was always a dreamer. It was a form of escape from a system that I felt a stranger within. From a young age I saw problems. Perhaps I sought after them. And as time passed, my brain dreamt of ways to overcome them. My entrepreneurial instincts began to develop. My first formal business venture was as a wedding photographer. After 5-years, it remains as my core business. But I am feeling the tug towards something bigger.