K is for 基華

From a single employee to 50-employees and with an annual turnover of less than $50-million, that is the definition of a small business. In New South Wales alone, there are 680,000 small businesses making up for 96% of all businesses in Australia. That number should astound you because small businesses are the backbone of every economy.

My vision is to build a platform that helps businesses. I will start with small businesses; small businesses such as my own, the cafe that I frequent, the youth ministry that you may serve in, and the not-for-profit organisation that needs more funding. And from small businesses to larger companies with complex operations and goals. How?

Through #storytelling.

I am the guy that pulls out of an MBA 75% of the way with a mere 3-months to go. I am the guy that sees opportunity but lacks self-confidence (at times). I am the guy that hungers. Constantly.

My name is Daniel K Cheung. I just turned 30 and I have failed gloriously for 30-years of my life. Does that phase me? Not. One. Bit. Have my failures hurt me?


This is my personal blog, an expressive outlet of sorts that goes beyond the conversations I have with my life partner Jihyo. As a fellow startup entrepreneur with many failures to my name, I believe my journey is important. I am convicted that those who have failed have the most to give. And I have much to give. Because sharing lessens the pain. Because sharing enables hope for others and because I like writing.

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There is also a greater underlying agenda to the re-ignition of my blog. My vision requires the input of others. Some will be business partners, others will be consultants, employees and contractors. To achieve the grand platform I have in mind, seed funding will be required. Through time, as I build up the readership audience, I aim to align myself with prospective business partners, investors, and the like. Numbers will be crunched. People will be approached. And this concept of mine, will become reality.

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